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HerpGhana makes a presentation at Amedzofe Community Schools’ Parade, Commemorating Ghana’s 57th Independence Day, on 6th March, 2014 - Dubbed Frog March

The subject matter permeating HerpGhana’s visit to Afemedzi Community in the Volta Togo border at the 57th Ghana Independence day on 6th March, 2014 was the need for the protection of endangered amphibian species, some of which are only found in Ghana.

The programme took place in the morning with a representation of Chiefs, politicians, district and community leaders, all surrounding community members, Basic school children who matched to commemorate the Independence Day and religious bodies.

The Team leader of HerpGhana Dr. Caleb Ofori and the Assistant Director David Kwarteng, gave a presentation at the grand program on the ecosystem values of the frog species found in the volta-Togo border and the urgent need to collectively solve the global environmental problem of amphibian extinction. He says amphibians are important bio-indicators which need to be protected and cautioned against the use of all anti frog actions which destroys the existence of frogs.

In the speech about endangered frog species in Ghana, the Executive Director of HerpGhana, Dr. Caleb Ofori, emphasised the need to protect amphibians especially frogs. He added that, “globally 2000 amphibian species are threatened with extinction and it has been estimated that 32% of Ghana’s amphibians may not survive this century”.

The Ecologist noted that 5 endemic species of frogs are recorded to exist only in Ghana and cautioned against the destruction of their Forest which has the Togo Slippery Frog, the closest relative to the largest frog in the world. HerpGhana is therefore appealing to the chiefs, politicians, community leaders and other key stakeholders to collective help to maximize their chances of survival.

The Assistant Director, of HerpGhana David Kwarteng also added that HerpGhana’s movement to protect frogs and their habitat is greatly challenged, especially when the community support doesn’t come from the leaders and the people at large and therefore edge them to constantly collaborate with HerpGhana to save the species. He says the long term goal is to affect the mindset of some Ghanaians in accepting the importance of frogs and conserving their habitat.

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