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Community Evangelism Health And Conservation Program (Coevahcop) May 2014

Community Evangelism, Health and Conservation Program (COEVAHCOP) is an annual program of A Rocha-KNUST to further the objective of increasing spiritual, socio-economic, and environmental benefits through elevated community attitudinal change. It is a partnership program of A Rocha-KNUST A Rocha Ghana and HerpGhana that adopts innovative approach of reaching out to the rural communities, less deprived and often vulnerable groups by engendering Christian and spiritual virtues; sustainable environmental and/or conservation values, and positive healthy lifestyles.

This trans-disciplinary and/or inter-disciplinary program utilizes integrated approaches: rural community evangelism, conservation and health promotion, community environmental planning, basic health care delivery and material support to achieve its mandate. COEVAHCOP aims to develop a coherent, compelling and, most importantly, useful corpus of information about the value of, and approaches to, integrating Nature, Health and Biblical Virtues for human wellbeing.

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